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Collection Management

Vehicle Collection Management at Heritage Classic

The principals involved in our business are extremely experienced in looking after car collections and dealing with all the activities this entails. The services we provide range from managing storage and routine maintenance activities to managing complex restoration or upgrade projects and preparation and delivery to competitive driving and concours events.

We have experience of building collections from the ground up, to managing and rationalising existing entities. Our trading activity enables us to discreetly dispose and acquire cars in your collection very effectively. We have particular experience with managing collections for overseas customers and have strong relationships with bonded warehouses for cars coming in from abroad on a temporary basis. We are also familiar with various methodologies to ensure the financial management of your cars is fiscally optimised.

We run bespoke collection management software which enables you to view our management activity of your vehicles in real time from anywhere in the world. Whether you simply want the hassle of managing the logistics of maintaining your cars taken off your hands, or want professional and focused input into refining a collection and/or enhancing the value of your cars, we have the expertise and experience to accommodate your requirements. Contact us for advice on how we may be able to help.